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KMCC Design Co. (the #rebrand)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The journey from KM Design > KMCC Design Co.

In the summer of 2022, KM Design began quickly and unexpectedly - a personal and professional whirlwind to say the least. Because I was learning along the way, I soon realized that I wanted and needed to build a brand that was more true to the style of what I was trying to create.

Our original logo was actually created by accident while playing around in Canva. I noticed how the 'KM' came together like a house and I was sold. Mind you - throwing a business together a month before you start accepting clients doesn't make you very choosey. But the more I utilized it, the more it became clear that a change needed to happen.

I wanted this brand to be one that reminds people of comfort + familiarity... something that reminds them of home. Whether that's friendly service or a custom design, I want my clients to feel at home with KMCC. This led me to a more vintage look than the previous logo, which was more modern. And while we're still completely behind intentional design for intentional living, I opted to remove the tagline from our branding as it proved to be somewhat limiting.

It's been a labor of love watching these take shape and I'm so excited to share!!

The KMCC Design Co. Palette

Main Colors:

Sage - #747768

Latte - #DFCBBE

Linen - #F1EDE1

Peppercorn - #323132

Accent Colors:

Spice - #A98877

Tsunami - #537076

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