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Woodrun House: Part 1

Updated: Apr 21

As some of you may know, my husband and I purchased our first home in March of 2022! We have been hard at work ever since making it ours. Over the last year, my vision for this house has formed, transformed and then changed again as I learn how we live in the spaces. See below for the latest versions of the living area, kitchen, master and guest bedroom:

LIVING: I want people to feel comfort in our common spaces but to see beautiful. Our main space has very tall ceilings and an abundance of windows so the lighting is gorgeous / changing throughout the day. Playing with color and height to accommodate these features has been so fun & I think I've finally dialed in a color palette that achieves my goals for this space! Whereas I lean towards cooler earth tones throughout the rest of the house, I want the main space to feel warmer so I'll be accenting with more tans, browns + rusts. And because there is currently so much white wall space, I'm looking for ways to add in black and other darker, contrasting colors - especially ones that bring in added height!

KITCHEN: One of the only spaces we didn't have to completely change - our kitchen was definitely one of the things that drew us to this house. It was renovated around 2015 and while there are things I would've done differently, the space is lovely with all it's natural light & openness. My only plans are to add more plants and warmth through earth + wood toned decor!

MASTER BEDROOM: We honeymooned in Tulum and both fell in love with the minimal buildings flooded with natural materials + textures. I've tried to carry this into the master bedroom with a moodier color palette and a touch cozier feel. We built our king-sized platform bed when we were still renting/had a much smaller room so I'm trying to convince Mike to help me add another board to the top of our headboard to make it taller and therefore filling more of wall behind our bed. This wall is painted 'Coney Island' by Behr and I think the Jacobean stain of the bed is so pretty against it so I want more! I plan to incorporate light wood tones in new nightstands, linen-inspired fabrics and more greenery + pampas grasses to further the Tulum feel.

GUEST BEDROOM: Most of our family and friends are back in Texas so having a comfy place for them to stay when they visit is really important to both of us! This is part of the reason my plans for this room have changed the most out of any other room in the house. Two accent wall colors, a new headboard and a childhood dresser flip later - the space is finally coming together!! Very excited to share more details on that soon (:

Check back soon for more on Woodrun House and our current home projects!

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