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About the Designer: Kenzi McCullough

Updated: Apr 21

KMCC Design Co. was born out of a passion for interiors and the effect they have on our everyday lives. I believe spaces within our homes should support our lifestyle and goals while providing a desired aesthetic. I hope to always strike the balance of form + function with a curated feel.

"The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don't."

- Joshua Becker


My personal style is ever-evolving as I dive deeper into this industry. I've always been eclectic, but have slowly seen my tastes transform, incorporating warmer earth tones with mid-century modern silhouettes and unexpected, funky elements. Plants are a part of every design - adding a breath of fresh air to every space. I'm currently loving high contrast, the mixing of textures and utilizing a mix of high end + budget items to create comfortable and approachable spaces!

I love collaborating with my clients and working with them to achieve their perfect space. Often times, they've laid the ground work and just need a fresh set of eyes to pull it all together. It's especially fun for me when we can sneak a DIY project or two into the process - adding uniqueness and saving some $$$!


I grew up near Houston, TX and went to the University of Houston where I received a Bachelor's in Marketing. In 2020, I moved to Pensacola, FL after my husband and I got married. His career in human performance is the main reason I became interested in evidence-based design + the effect interiors have on those who inhabit them. I am avidly pursuing more knowledge in this area in this field as it becomes available to be able to serve my clients and their families better.

We're definitely workaholics but hanging out by the pool, grabbing a beer at our favorite brewery and chipping away at projects around the house -

Oh yeah! We recently purchased our first home!! Woodrun House was a little outdated in some places and we are so excited to finally make everything the way we want as new homeowners. I'm also pumped to share some of these transformations through KMCC. So far we've done a ton of painting, changed out light fixtures, and are in the process of renovating a guest bathroom. Stay tuned!

with love,

Ready to start transforming your home? Let's get started!

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